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Home > Products > Piezoceramic Element... > Piezo plate-External... > HD-15B-18EW40
        Part Number
諧振頻率    Resonant Frequency              
諧振阻抗    Resonant Impedance              
靜態電容    Static Capacitance                
 9.0nF±30% at 100Hz
额定電壓    Allowable input Voltage                
 30Vp-p max.
工作溫度    Operating Temperature Range           
貯存溫度    Storage Temperature Range             
基片直徑    Plate Diameter              
 D=15.0±0.1 mm
瓷片直徑    Ceramic Disc Diameter            
 d=11.0±0.3 mm
基片厚度    Plate Thickness             
 t=0.50±0.03 mm
總 厚 度    Total Thickness                  
 T=0.68±0.05 mm
基片材料    Plate Material
引線規格    Lead wire Specification             
 AWG 28#
引線長度    Lead wire Lengths              
線頭長度    Lengths